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Description of preparation method of ferrite powder

Release Time:2019-09-03

Source: Shanghai Fuyu Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.


  • 询价

  The preparation of the ferrite powder is to complete the manufacturing process from the raw material to the ferrite powder, and there are many methods for producing the ferrite powder.

  (1) Sol-gel method

  The sol-gel method is a method in which a metal organic or inorganic compound is solidified by a solution, a sol or a gel, and then heat-treated to form an oxide or other compound solid. The sol-gel method is a commonly used method in the wet chemical method for preparing materials and is widely used in the preparation of ferrite nanomaterials.

  (2) Chemical coprecipitation method

  Chemical coprecipitation is a common method for preparing ferrite. It uses a precipitant (such as OH-, CO32-, etc.) to co-precipitate the metal ions in the solution, and obtains the product through filtration, washing, drying, and burning.

  (3) Oxide method

  The main point of the ferrite method for preparing ferrite is to mix and heat the raw materials and obtain a ferrite powder by a reaction between the solid materials. In order to effectively promote the solid phase reaction to obtain a uniform, good ferrite powder, in addition to paying attention to the selection of raw materials, attention should also be paid to the determination of mixing, calcination and pulverization conditions. The oxide method is a means of large-scale industrial production.

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