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What are the basic classifications of ferrite?

Release Time:2019-09-03

Source: Shanghai Fuyu Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd.


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  According to the magnetic properties and application conditions, ferrite can be divided into five types: soft magnetic, permanent magnet, gyromagnetic, moment magnetic, and pressure magnetic.

  Soft magnetic material

  Such materials are easily magnetized and demagnetized under weak magnetic fields, such as zinc-chromium ferrite and nickel-zinc ferrite. Soft ferrite is a kind of ferrite material with wide application, large variety, large quantity and high output value. It is mainly used as a variety of inductive components, such as filter cores, transformer cores, wireless electromagnetic cores, as well as tape recording and video heads, and is also a key material for magnetic recording components.

  Permanent ferrite

  A compound having a uniaxial anisotropy of a hexagonal structure. It is mainly composed of three ferrites of lanthanum, cerium and lead and their composite solid solution. There are points of the same magnetic and heterogeneous magnetic. Since such a ferrite material retains a strong constant residual magnetic property for a long time after the external magnetization field disappears, it can be used to generate a constant magnetic field to the external space. It is widely used, for example, as a constant magnet in various types of meters, generators, telephones, speakers, televisions and microwave devices.

  Hard magnetic material

  The ferrite hard magnetic material is not easily demagnetized after being magnetized, and is therefore also referred to as a permanent magnet material or a constant magnetic material. Such as barium ferrite, steel oxides and so on. It is mainly used in recorders, pickups, speakers, magnetic cores of various instruments in telecommunication devices.

  Spinning material

  The gyromagnetic material of a magnetic material refers to a phenomenon in which a plane-polarized electromagnetic wave propagates in a certain direction inside a material under the action of two mutually perpendicular stable magnetic fields and electromagnetic wave magnetic fields, but its polarization plane continuously rotates around the propagation direction. Metals and alloy materials have a certain amount of gyromagnetic properties. However, since the resistivity is low and the eddy current loss is too large, electromagnetic waves cannot penetrate into the inside, so they cannot be used. Therefore, the application of ferromagnetism of ferrite gyromagnetic materials has become a unique field of ferrite. Most of the gyromagnetic materials are combined with waveguides or transmission lines for transmitting microwaves to form various microwave devices. Mainly used in radar, communication, navigation, telemetry and other electronic equipment.

  Moment magnetic material

  This refers to a ferrite material having a rectangular hysteresis loop. Its characteristic is that when there is a small external magnetic field, it can be magnetized and saturated, and after removing the external magnetic field, the magnetic properties remain the same as when saturated. Such as magnesium manganese ferrite, lithium manganese ferrite and so on. Such ferrite materials are mainly used for memory cores of various electronic computers and the like.

  Piezomagnetic material

  Such materials refer to ferrite materials that are mechanically elongated or shortened in the direction of the magnetic field during magnetization, such as nickel-zinc ferrite, nickel-copper ferrite, and nickel-chromium ferrite. The piezoelectric material is mainly used as a transducer for mutual conversion of electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy, and is used as a magnetostrictive element for ultrasonic.

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