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Magnetic tile production process details
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  The magnetic tiles vary greatly depending on the material and type.

  The ferrite magnet is mainly composed of sintered ferrite, and the NdFeB magnet is divided into two types: sintering and bonding.

  1. The production process of sintered ferrite magnetic tile is mainly divided into wet pressure heterogeneity, dry pressure homogeneity and dry pressure heterogeneity. The difference between the opposite sex and the sameness is whether there is an orientation magnetic field during the molding of the press. Here we mainly introduce the process of wet pressing

  The wet pressing process is: raw material - pre-burning - coarse crushing (one ball milling) - batching - secondary ball milling (wet grinding) - magnetic field forming - sintering - grinding - cleaning - magnetization. Since the molding slurry contains moisture, the magnetically shaped particles are easily deflected, so that a higher degree of orientation is obtained than the dry pressing property, and the performance is higher.

  2, sintered NdFeB magnetic tile: ingredients - smelting - crushing - milling - magnetic field forming - isostatic pressing - vacuum sintering and tempering - wire cutting and other processing - electroplating - magnetization

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